Camphill Crafts

Helping people with disabilities in rural communities develop their business skills

About This Project

‘Camphill candles aims to empower the residents of Camphill, Ballybay through the art of candle making.’


Camphill is a mutually supportive community with over 18 branches around Ireland. Camphill welcomes people with intellectual disabilities to live and work with others in the community, in order to create a healthy environment for healing and development. The Camphill that we are working with resides in Ballybay, Co.Monaghan.


Camphill Ballybay is in need of urgent need of funding if it is to continue the amazing work they do, and we would like that funding to be sustainable, fun, environmentally friendly and profitable. Our idea in its simplest form is for the residents of Camphill to produce scented candles which we would help sell and distribute with 100% of the profits going back into funding Camphill Ballybay. We will be using our knowledge and our support from Enactus to design, brand and market the candles in order to reach optimum sales and create awareness of Ballybay. We believe that this project will make a positive impact on the people of Ballybay Camphill. Ballybay have a candle workshop and a garden which we will be using to make the candles and grow the scents to put into the candles, making this enterprise environmentally friendly. I’m addition, we will be using recycled jars and secondhand teacups. We want this project to mirror the ethics and practices of Camphill. For more information visit:


July 18, 2016