Our projects


HeadstARTS DCU encourages people of all abilities to grow in their team work, leadership and communication skills. Over the past two years we’ve catered to over 30 people with intellectual disabilities on a weekly basis.Our special team of volunteers have helped bring light to the lives of our members as well as their carers and families. Contact us for membership or to volunteer.

Second Scoop

Second Scoop is a social enterprise that aims to empower ex-prisoners and ex-offenders through the sales of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream at events and to subsequently reduce recidivism rates. The ex-offenders receive tutoring and training from the members of the team in areas such as computer skills, sales and customer service.


SE-Pad aims to assist the visuallty impaired community in experiencing live sporting events. The Blind Board team have created a prototype using haptic sensors to enhance the experience for visually impaired persons. Using this technology alongside utilising a support program the team have created a rounded package to improve the experiences for the visually impaired at live sporting events.


Giveback.ie is an online platform that enables Irish consumers to help society's most vulnerable simply by shopping online. Click on the Giveback.ie title above or visit www.giveback.ie today to help the homelessness crisis in Ireland.


Threads aims to save the environment and create employment one pair of jeans at a time. The project will empower and employ Asylum seekers by providing them with part time work and new skills. With these new skills, we aim to produce trendy, patchwork or even upcycled jeans as well as accessories to be sold in pop up shops all around Dublin, starting in DCU.

Minding Me

Minding me aims to normalise and create awareness of mental health from a young age to reduce the stigma and make talking about our own mental health a part of everyday conversation. By partnering with jigsaw, the youth mental health intervention charity, we will empower young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who availed of the services provided by jigsaw by creating content for our program alongside specialists in the area.

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